The website is up!

     I've been meaning to make a website for a really long time. I think there's one somewhere on the internet, built with some free service that I put together around the age of 15 years, but I never quite put it together properly or updated it so it just kinda fell apart.

     I'm hoping this time is different! Not only do I now need the site for professional purposes (including a resume, reel, and contact info), but I've been feeling the need to properly curate my work. I finally have a better way to show off my work and the various stages it has gone through. I've uploaded the occasional animation frame or storyboard to Facebook, but that just isn't a real way to keep things together. If someone is interested in one of my pieces, how would they ever go find some of those work-in-progress posts I may or may not have posted?

     Anyway, this site still needs lots of work, but I've already got the general layout figured out. I'm still working out the home page, and I want some way to organize my various series, but those will be figured out over time.

     Take a look around the site, and let me know what you think. Are there things that don't work for you? Things you think are missing? Typos? Any feedback is great.


-Alex Zajicek