Non & Een - Animated Short

Watch it here.

Non, an alien, decides to go to another planet to spice up his life.

Official Selection of:
Viewster Online Film Fest 5 (#VOFF5)

I actually released this one on Newgrounds a while back. It was a final project for a Flash animation class I was taking. The project had all sorts of "rules" attached to it that I thought were dumb, so I broke most of them. For example, we were required to do an animation about an alien. BUT, it had to have a normal walk cycle. I decided that was stupid, so I gave it a more unique walk cycle. It also had to speak English... which I couldn't really get around, but at least I screwed a bit with the mouth. And I put his tongue on the roof of his mouth instead. Oh, also, the alien HAD to board a "spaceship," so I gave him a couch. Anyway, I was submitting it to a lot of festivals so I refrained from uploading it to YouTube. But now it's finally here, and you can enjoy it in glorious 4k!