"The Last Summer" on Indiegogo!

Check out "The Last Summer" on Indiegogo!

"On the first day of a road trip following their High School graduation, five friends sit in a nondescript motel room, on the cusp of their college years. Having each been accepted to different colleges, the tightly knit group of friends must confront the fact that this may well be one of their last chances to hang out."

In the works for over a year now, The Last Summer was my Senior Thesis film as a Film major at California College of the Arts. It represents the largest amount of time and resources I've ever dedicated to a project, and I can't wait to show it to the world. A comedic and dramatic coming-of-age story that pokes a bit of fun at modern culture and even the genre itself, I think of it as something of a love letter to friendships and youth. It features my largest cast and crew yet, made up of at least two dozen hands and minds that have helped to shape the film, all residents of the San Francisco Bay Area.

BUT, it's not quite finished. Though it's all been shot and largely edited, the film needs some finishing touches, and they're unfortunately out of my budget. Most importantly, I'm looking for a colorist. I'm just personally not experienced enough to truly make the film look great, and that's where a colorist would come in. (Colorists are part of the reason that films look so good. Check out this example: https://vimeo.com/116019668)

If we manage to raise enough money, I'd also love to hire a sound mixer for the film, which is another thing the film could really benefit from. And, if we do REALLY well, I might even be able to print DVDs (and maybe even Blu-rays!) of the film. All of these things would be amazing, but I can't do any of it without your help.


So please, check out the campaign! Even if you can't donate, spread the word about it to anyone you know that might be interested in local independent filmmaking, coming-of-age stories, or even just films in general.


I've also updated the "The Last Summer" section of the website a bit, so make sure to check that out!


Thank you guys! Even if we don't reach our goal, we'll be able to use whatever amount of money we raise toward bettering the film.

-Alex Zajicek