Eric Romero - "Nolan"

Nolan is the quieter, more introverted member of the group. Always erring a little on the awkward side, it has taken him quite some time to build up his group of friends, but if anyone can pull out his inner, more sarcastic personality, its them.

Wendy Moreno - "Anna"

Anna is the most outspoken member of the group. With lots of energy and a love for words, Anna keeps everyone on their toes. She doesn't care for traditional female stereotypes, yet she constantly has to deal with the fact that her best friend Jenny manages to fall in line with a few too many of them.

Remi Lee - "Lloyd"

Lloyd is the straight man of the group. It's his job to keep everyone in check, especially jokers like Josh and Anna around. Unfortunately this means he ends up reacting with frustration more often than he'd like. He is the longtime (for High School, anyway) boyfriend of Jenny.

Vince-Anthony - "Josh"

Josh likes to think he's the funny one of the group. That's not exactly untrue, but he definitely has to compete with Anna at times. He likes to have fun, but can have trouble being serious. He's filled with quirks, such as the fact that he loves to eat dairy (or any food, really) even though he's somewhat lactose intolerant.

Danielle Bacanskas - "Jenny"

Jenny is a little out of it sometimes, but she oddly also has a thing for organization, having put the road trip together almost single handedly. Compared to Anna, Jenny appears quite girly, which Anna never fails to point out. That doesn't seem to stop them from being best friends, however. Jenny is the longtime girlfriend of Lloyd.

Nick Coelius - "Waiter"

This guy has honestly had enough of his job, and having to deal with a group of overly-energetic teenagers is almost more than he can handle. Almost.