A film student gets obsessed with making his movie as 'HD' as possible, to the point that it begins to have an adverse effect on his work and his relationship with his best friend.

"HD" is a dramatic/comedic short, with a runtime of approximately 7 minutes.


Featuring a cast and crew entirely made up of Bay Area residents, and shot entirely in San Francisco, "HD" is a comment on filmmaking and current consumer trends.


Kyle Chen - "Kyle"

Kyle is a young, inexperienced film major in college, tasked with making his first film. He is somewhat obsessive. His closest friend in is Paula.

Alyson Chung - "Paula"

Paula is a young film major. She is optimistic, organized, and well-spirited, but she also doesn't hide her feelings if she feels insulted or hurt. Her closest friend is Kyle.

Adam Thayer - "Film Teacher"

He works hard and enjoys his craft, but definitely has to make sure to keep the class in check at times.

Lila Shamroukh - "Checkout Person"

In charge of checking equipment out to fellow students, she has to deal with all kinds of different people with a smile.

Additional Speaking Roles

Andrew: Alex Zajicek



Andrhey Ferreira, Virginia Jangrossi, & Ian Liu-Johnston



Alex Zajicek - Writer/Director/Producer/Editor

Website /// IMDb page

Hubert "Hao-Yu" Wang - Co-Producer/Cinematographer/Gaffer/Still Photographer

Website /// IMDb page

Lauren Younglove - Cinematographer/Still Photographer

IMDb page

Ji Hong Ahn - Sound Recordist/Still Photographer

Vimeo page /// IMDb page

Ian Liu-Johnston - Sound Recordist

Website /// IMDb page

Adam Thayer - Sound Recordist

Website /// IMDb page

Dan Olmsted - Sound Re-recording Mixer

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Virginia Jangrossi - Assistant Director

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Andrhey Ferreira - Best Boy

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Aidan Jung - Assistant Director

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