Brother & Sister: Ep 2 "The Reading" - Animated Short

Watch it here.

Alex and Steph argue over political correctness.

I love satire, and I hope to delve into more in future episodes.
This script was bothering me to be animated ever since I made the previous Brother and Sister episode. I thought it was pretty fun, and I really wanted to work with these characters more. I've cleaned up the character designs a bit this time around (you'll continue to see these improve with the next episodes). These things should keep improving over time! And don't worry, Episode 3 is on its way.

Brother & Sister is a series about two teenage siblings and their friends as they all learn to deal with high school, the real world, and each other. The show explores issues through humor and satire, and of course through the slightly-less-jaded lens of youth.

The main theme is done by SAVESTATES (AKA Cartoon Drive-Thru - He's awesome, check out his stuff.

BigSundae, the voiceactor for James, can be found here:


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