Fudda, The Complete Series Collection - Animated Short

Watch it here.

Experience Mr. Youth's quest to teach his students like you've never seen it before: in chronological order!

After 5 episodes, conveniently released across a 6 year period from 2010 to 2016, including a prequel episode following Mr. Youth's brave coworker Mr. Meyer, the story can now be experienced in a single relatively short, only-one-click-required sitting! All those years of work, and you can watch it in mere minutes! How ironic. Is that even irony? Who knows!

As I've said before, this series was an accident. It was never planned. Which is sad, because I have actually tried to plan animation series before, and I've generally failed. Case in point: I tried to make a flash series called GunDan at one point, but the first episode took about 6 months so I realized it just wasn't possible. Funnily enough, I made a silly spin-off taking place in the GunDan world, based on a random observation by my sister. The short was called Fudda. Somehow I came up with ideas for expanding it, so I made Finna. Rise and repeat until we are here today, 6 years later. Oops.

Coincidentally, the "arc" present in this story isn't perfect. Mainly because it was never originally written to really have a larger arc. It just sort of accidentally fell into place once I got far enough. Regardless, I'm pretty happy with how it all ties up! And finally, this little thought in a deep corner of my brain has been given some resolution. (1080p, even! And 4k on YouTube, because I'm cool).

Here's hoping that my next piece isn't so far off. But I say that every time. So, yeah. But I can at least assure you that the script is already done. So... take that! (Preferably with a grain of salt).


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